Kutadgu Bilig’de Basit Cümle


In the study, simple sentences in Kutadgu Bilig were analyzed and classified structurally. In Kutadgu Bilig, the smallest meaningful unit couplets are in the form of compound sentences, some of them are in the form of simple sentences. In addition, since compound sentences consist of the total meaning of simple sentences, it can be said that simple sentence structure is the basic element in the text. When we look at the definitions of the structure of simple sentences in Turkish, it is seen that there is a consensus on the principle that the judgment should be unique. Simple sentences according to their structural types; It is divided into three as a simple sentence with a single element, a simple sentence with two elements, and an elliptical sentence. A simple two-component sentence consists of only the subject and the predicate. Subject open to marking the subject in the surface structure; Although the subject is marked in the surface structure, it is called the general subject and the indefinite subject. Depending on whether the subject and predicate are used alone or together with auxiliary elements, simple sentences are divided into broad sentences and narrow sentences. They are sentences in which the subject, which is the only element of simple sentence constructor, does not exist syntactically in the sentence, but exists logically. Elliptic sentence constituents are sentences that can be identified by means of sentence large units. It has been seen that the type of ellipsis is frequently used in the text.

Kutadgu Bilig, simple sentence, two-component sentence, one-component sentence, ellipsis sentence