Âşık Hüseyin'in Kırşehir'deki Kıtlığı Anlatan Destanı


Since its creation, mankind has been intertwined with nature, sometimes living in harmony and sometimes struggling. Many events in nature have turned into disasters from time to time, leaving people helpless in this struggle and having a devastating effect on people and societies. Famine disaster has been effective in Anatolian lands from time to time. Famine; epidemics, hunger, thirst and even death. Anatolia; due to the lack of rainfall, locust invasion, severe cold, war, these disasters. It is possible to see the scarcity and reflections of lover-style poems that bear traces of the social and daily life of the period and the life of the society. Folk poets pass the events through their own filter of emotions and express their influence on the people. Lovers who are not insensitive to the famine events that affect a large part of society deeply and often cause great negativity, have discussed this disaster in their poems. In our study, the Central Anatolia famine, which caused a great loss of life and property that had an effect between 1873 and 1875, was examined through a famine saga belonging to The Lover Hüseyin of Kırşehir.

Famine, Anatolia, social memory, Ashik Hüseyin, epic.