Masal, Efsane, Atasözü ve Deyim Üzerine


From time to time, it is seen that there are very tight ties between the branches that fall into the field of folklore. Although these ties are not very tight, they come together at a common point, such as when a line passes tangentially from a circle. As we wander through the various layers of the fairy tale world, on which we have been working for 55 years, we sometimes come across a similarly derived term like legend. However, there are such coincidences that it is seen there is very little affinity between them. The four items in our title, which is the subject of our article, are good examples of this. We should not find it strange that a fairy tale is based on a proverb or idiom. However, the way the two genres/branches present the events are extremely closely related to each other. We should not find it strange that a proverb that you read somewhere or heard from someone appears in the form of a fairy tale in different environments. In addition, it will surprise us all that the introductory part of the fairy tale you are dealing with while carrying out these works is taken from a field that has nothing to do with being a fairy tale. Sources of this event have important roles. Today, we will have to filter the stories told by people whose numbers are decreasing and whose vocabulary is weakening, and then we will have to examine them. Those who do not know what a real fairy tale is, and perhaps those who convey what is compiled rather than compiling, will need to be extremely careful in this regard. A saying of my late mother seems to summarize our view: Do not go near the water until you learn how to swim.

Fairy tale, legend, proverb, idiom, motif, compiler