Tarihte “Pax” Nitelikli Türk Devletleri


The starting point of states is the law. The concept of “law” is the foundation of a healthy, safe, balanced, strong-willed, and personality-driven life. The state emerged from the combination of the concept of "power" and the concept of "law" created by society. The use of writing by the Sumerians 6000 years ago was accepted as the beginning of "history" science. This important transformation of humanity means the birth of the concept of “state”. Along with the Sumerians, political organizations such as Babylon, Hittite, Egypt, Assyria, Carthage, Roman, Persian, Turkish and Chinese states were established in world history. Roman, Caspian, and British states were described as "Pax" states among these states. It is observed that “Pax” states stand out from other states with some of their qualifications and legal features. It is known that the "Pax" states have large borders and large human assets. The social structure in these states is multicultural, multilingual, multi-religious, and multi-ethnic. Their understanding of the law is also privileged with its disciplined practices based on principles. Turks are also one of the nations that stand out with their state-building features in history. The Turkish state-building culture has created states with strong legal systems. The Caspian and Ottoman states founded by the Turks were named by Western historians with the term "Pax". Here, we show that the Hun, Göktürk, and Seljuk states within the Turkish states are also Pax states, although they are not included in the literature because it is obvious that these states also have the characteristics of “Pax” states.

State, pax, law, power, organization, Turkish