Feminizm Tartışmalarına ve Kadın-Erkek İlişkilerine “Jön Türk” Romanı Üzerinden Bir Bakış


The structure of the relationship between men and women in the Ottoman-Turkish society and the concept of feminism have come to the fore both in the past and today. One of the most important determinants in this context has been modernization. In the modernization process, it is known that sometimes traditional, sometimes modern and sometimes synthesistic perspectives dominate when we look at the debates on which rules the relations between men and women will be regulated. Closely related to these, the concept of "feminism" took its place in the Ottoman-Turkish society and new formations became visible in the social-political arena. In the study, the aspects of the debates in the last period of the Ottoman Empire have been discussed within the scope of traditional and modern values contrast. While making this analysis, the symbolic structures presented about the male-female relations and the images of how the concept of feminism should be interpreted by the Ottoman-Turkish society were analyzed by text analysis on Ahmet Mithat's novel "Young Turk". Because, although the framework of male-female relations was written in many novels in the Ottoman period, "Young Turk" is one of the most important works in which the subject of feminism is clearly discussed. As a result of the analyzes, it has been determined that the phenomenon of feminism and the relations between men and women are handled with a synthetic approach.

“Young Turk” Novel, “Women-Man Relationships”, “Feminism”