Türkçe Kiplik Çalışmaları Üzerine Bir Bibliyografya Denemesi


There are many bibliographic studies prepared on various subjects in Turkish. This study is a bibliography study on the studies on modal meaning field in Turkish. The study includes publications dealing with modality, which can be considered new for Turcology. In Turkish, the concepts of modality and modality are accepted as the same and the subject of modality is evaluated under the title of modality. In general terms, modality is concerned with how the action takes place, that is, the speaker's obligation, desire, expectation, knowledge, ability, permission, etc., against the proposition. can be defined as forms of expression that indicate The modal is the grammaticalization of these forms of expression. These two closely related issues have finally begun to be discussed under separate headings in recent studies. There have been many studies on modality and modality until today, but no bibliography study has been conducted on modality, including recent studies. In this bibliography essay, there are articles that give direct or partial information about modality, congress, congress and symposium papers, master's and doctoral theses and books. The aim is to gather the studies on this subject together and to help new studies on the subject and to contribute to more studies on this subject.

Turkish, Linguistics, Modality, Bibliography Study