Kazak Mizah Tipleri Üzerine Bir Karşılaştırma Denemesi: Koja Nasır ve Aldar Köse


Kazakh Turks have a deep-rooted and profound literature. Humor finds its place in almost all of the oral tradition products of this deep-rooted and profound literature. There are many humor types in the works of Kazakh Turks on humor, and the most well-known of them are Koja Nasir and Aldar Köse. In the present study, we aim to discuss the similarities and differences between Koja Nasir and Aldar Köse, who are important types of Kazakh humor. Our basic reason for choosing Koja Nasir and Aldar Köse is that they are among the first types that come to mind in the context of humorous narratives in the Turkic world. Although they have different names, Aldar Köse and Koja Nasır find a broad place for themselves in the jokes and tales of the Turkic world. In the present study, we aim to analyze the plot of the stories involving these two characters, who are common values of Turkish peoples, and the attitudes and behaviors of these two characters in the face of events with their similarities and differences. The sample texts in the master’s thesis titled “Kazakh Humor and Important Kazakh Humor Types” prepared by Nazym Abdikadyrova were examined.

Kazakh, Humor, Koja Nasır, Aldar Köse