Mustafa Ruhi Şirin’in “Mavi Rüyalar Gören Çocuk” Adlı Eseri Bağlamında Türk Masallarında Değerler Eğitimi Üzerine Düşünceleri


In the globalizing world order, values education has become of particular importance. At this point, the values education that an individual will receive during childhood when the foundations of his/her personality and character are laid is very important. All literary and aesthetic publications for children will be essential in determining the values they will acquire. As a matter of fact, the powerful countries of the global world, which have been using the resources of technology extremely well for years, impose their own values on less developed societies or make these societies lose their own values through their publications. Today, one of the most important sources for our children to learn our cultural values and to protect these values is children's fairy tales, which are products of children's literature. Mustafa Ruhi Şirin, one of the important names interested in children's literature in our country, is one of our writers who aims to protect these values with his poems, fairy tales, and stories. His work “Mavi Rüyalar Gören Çocuk” is one of the children's books he wrote by reinterpreting Keloğlan fairy tales. In this study, ten fairy tales in the book “Mavi Rüyalar Gören Çocuk” will be analyzed in terms of their contribution to values education.

Mustafa Ruhi Şirin, Mavi Rüyalar Gören Çocuk, fairy tale, values education.