Bana Bir Fotoğraf Anlat: Düğün


Photos are helpful elements in people expressing their longing, joy or regret. Some people look at photos to remember their memories, while others look at them not to forget. Today, we look at those photographs to read, interpret, understand and most importantly, to look for scraps of tradition and cultural elements that have sunk into oblivion. Family photographs are at the forefront of photographs that occupy an important place in cultural memory. The most famous of family photos is undoubtedly wedding photos. Photos taken by family members in the past are mostly taken and assembled by professionals today. Since photographs are discontinuous memories that stop a moment in time, they do not “tell a story on their own” (Berger, 2015: 72, quoting Kutlu and Kara, 2020), in this case, it is up to the person viewing the photograph to interpret the image. The story of each photograph is different, and the elements in the photograph should be reviewed in detail while examining them. Photography can be analyzed and interpreted in terms of various factors such as social and cultural, political, attire and time. The photograph examined here is a copy of the original. The photograph has been enlarged from the original and reduced to be given to family members over time, has been reproduced. At these multiple stages, the quality of the photograph deteriorated.

family photo, photo interpretation, cultural memory.