Târîh-i Cihângüşâ’da Türkler ve Türkçe


Tariḵ-e jahāngošā-ye Jovayni, is a often first-hand, account of the expansion of the Mongol Empire. It is a sophisticated literary work and an essential, account of the expansion of the Mongol Empire and also Saljuks and Ismaʿilis.The work is covering (I) the rise and career of Čengiz Khan and his successors down to the deaths of Güyük and Čaḡatāy, (II) the history of the Ḵᵛārazmšāhs, especially Qoṭb-al-Din Moḥammad and his son Jalāl-al-Din, besides the pre-Mongol Turkish dynasties in Central Asia and the Mongol governors before the arrival Hulāgu Khan, (III) the rest of Mongol history to Hulāgu Khan’s westward expedition besides a history of Ḥasan-e Ṣabbāḥ (q.v.) and the Ismaʿilis. By the way ıt gives us some information about Turks and Turkish in his period. In this article we examined Tariḵ-e jahāngošā-ye Jovayni, in terms of Turchology and Turkish studies sight.Article has three main headings “Tariḵ-e jahāngošā-ye Jovayni and İts İmportance”; “Tariḵ-e jahāngošā-ye Jovayni and Turkish Dynasties in Tariḵ-e jahāngošā” and “Turkic and Turkish Words in Tariḵ-e jahāngošā”.

Jahan Gusha, Juveyni, Tarikh-i Jahan Gusha, Turkish, Turks